Epoch Yin and Yang Mask Review

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Since I have been using the Yin & Yang mask, my skin is looking glowy and brighter. I’m getting much less breakouts from wearing face masks 😷 as I have been using this regularly.

It’s a clay-based wash off mask that both nourishes and detoxes the skin and it is suitable for sensitive and dry skin or combination skin.

How it works

The Yin & Yang mask has two key benefits: it is both nourishing for the skin and detoxing – ideal for a bit of “multi-masking”. 

This is different to other clay masks as clay masks tend to focus on detoxifying and unclogging pores and a lot of people with dry skin can find clay masks too drying. But due to the innovative encapsulated charcoal, the detoxing effects of the charcoal is not released until you rub it.

  • If you want to detox: Rub the mask to release the microencapsulated charcoal. This turns the mask into it’s detoxifying state. You can tell it’s doing that as it turns from a white-ish colour to a darker grey. 

If you want to nourish: Use the mask as it is (whitish) and the plant minerals and Porcelain Flower extract deeply nourishes your skin.

Must know about Yin & Yang Mask: 

  • It has a blend of kaolin and charcoal powder detoxifies skin and unblocks pores
  • It contains Porcelain flower extract for softer and smoother looking skin
  • It combines nourishing and cleansing in one product so you can use this mask for “multi-masking”. 
  • I like to use it as-is for the dry areas of my face, for the nourishing benefits (not activating the charcoal). 
  • I use the detox function for my T Zone, where I am more congested and I get pimples.

Like what I have done here: 

Skincare Advisor’s Take:

I liked:

  • I’ve noticed that my skin feels super nourished and glowy after I use it.
  • I like the fact that it’s gentle and even suited for sensitive and dry skin, as not many clay masks are suitable for sensitive/dry skins
  • I can use it frequently without it drying out my skin. In fact, it’s reduced the number of breakouts I get. 
  • I love the fact that you can choose whether you want activate the charcoal and in what areas – it’s great for combination skin and for those who are tackling breakouts from wearing face masks.

I disliked: 

  • For the price, the size of the mask is a bit small. As I find myself using it frequently, I have used nearly 2 tubes in 2 months, which is more than other masks that I have used. 
  • If you apply the mask thinly, it’s hard to avoid activating the charcoal as the movement of applying it activates it. Not a big deal for me, as I sometimes activate it in my hand before applying it if i want to make sure it’s activated for my T Zone. 
  • At the time of writing it has been out of stock as it’s been so popular and that it is new. My friends who wanted to try it had difficulty getting hold of it.

Epoch Yin & Yang Mask

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