What causes acne?

What causes acne?

Dreaded acne are caused by pores becoming blocked with oil, dead skin, or bacteria. The blockage causes inflammation and redness. 

I have finally found effective ways to treat acne that are caused by stress or hormones. 

Don’t worry, this is not to tell you to “reduce stress” because I find it impossible to reduce stress myself. I have found ways of treating my acne effectively so that my skin is not an area of my stress. 😊

Common causes: Stress or Hormones 

It is important to notice what causes acne for you. This can take a long time to figure out, but the sooner you are able to notice what causes acne for you, the sooner you can treat it effectively. 

Stress and/or hormones are the most common causes of acne for me and people who ask me for skincare advice.

It look me around 6 months to work this out for my own triggers. Here the way you can work out the causes of your acne: 

  • Stress Acne: How to tell
    • The location of stress acne can vary and stress acne will usually appear in the oiliest areas of your face typically, on the T-zone. 
    • Stress hormones makes our pores have more oil production. More oil means more clogged pores, and more clogged pores mean more breakouts.
  • Hormonal Acne: How to tell 
    • If you find you’re normally breaking out in the same place around the same time of month, your acne is likely related to your menstrual cycle rather than your stress levels. 
    • This is especially true if the acne are painful cysts that will usually appear in the same spot over and over again. 

Unfortunately for me, I can suffer from both of those. So i have considerable experience with healing my skin and reducing breakouts. 

What to do:

  1. Skin barrier repair and strengthening routine: Hydration focus

Healthy skin barrier = Glowing skin! Repairing my skin’s barrier function has been the best thing I have done for my skin. 🥰

By strengthen my skin’s barrier, my skin retains more moisture effectively and it is less greasy. I have noticed that I get very few breakouts as it is able to keep acne-causing bacteria out.

This is the best routine I have used. Acne is less frequent and less severe. My skin is super healthy now that I have strengthen and repair from using this.

To purchase this set at 20% discount, go to this affiliate link.

  1. Detox Masks
You can see the different effects of each mask on hydration and oiliness. IG

Kaolin Clay is Best Clay for acne caused by stress: 

💧 It’s the most gentle of the clays, and although it is less oil-absorbent, it’s the most suitable for sensitive or dry skin.

🤕 It’s also antiseptic and anti-inflammatory! 

🩹 I use it to detox active breakouts overnight and it sucks out the juicy stuff!

🎋 Kaolin-based masks are suitable for all skin types as it’s not too drying and this formulation also has aloe vera. My skin was 43% hydration after using it, compared to 38% hydration from bentonite side.

My favourite mask for stress-caused acne: To buy at 20% off Epoch Yin & Yang Mask and my review of it.

Bentonite Clay is the Best Clay for hormonal/cyctic acne: 

💡 Bentonite clay works well with cystic acne due to the deep detoxing effects. But might be too drying for dry skin.

🏞️ High in minerals, which makes it super effective at absorbing excess oil and purifying the skin.

⚡ Perfect for oily or breakout-prone skin but can be little too harsh for sensitive and dry skin types.

🌋 I find it’s great for clogged pores and blackheads!

🧽 Bentonite-based masks draws out more oils than kaolin-based clay masks (draws out 5% more oil according to my skin). So it’s very effective for oily or acne-prone skin.

My favourite bentonite clay mask works without drying out my skin. To buy, for review.

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