How to clean your face using a cleansing brush

How to clean your face using a cleansing brush

Top tips for using face cleansing brush/device:

I have been using a face cleansing brush for over 2 years now. My top tips are intended for an electric face cleansing brush that you use with cleansing gels. 

Since I started using it, I have developed a technique for how to clean my face properly. Wearing face masks 😷 has caused more acne and blocked pores so I’ve been taking more care to cleanse properly to prevent breakouts!

Here’s the technique I use to cleanse my skin thoroughly and it’s really helped me get smooth, glowing skin and reduce the frequency of my breakouts.

My face cleansing brush is called the Lumispa and it has a silicone head and not bristles. For my skin, I have found that bristles over-exfoliate my skin and soft silicone doesn’t do that. Silicone also has the added benefit of being much easier to clean than bristled brushes and dry quickly. It is important that your cleansing brush is kept clean and dry to prevent acne-causing bacteria growth which will affect your skin. 

Step by step:

1.      Wet your face and the cleansing brush head thoroughly. I prefer to do this in the shower, you can do this too if your face cleansing brush is waterproof.

2.      Apply cleansing gel to the areas of the face: on each cheek, forehead and chin area.

3.      My face cleansing brush (Lumispa) has a 2-minute timer, like an electric toothbrush it alerts you when 30 seconds have passed to move on to a different area of the face.  Start on one side of the face, I split my face into four sections so that each parts gets an equal amount of cleansing action.

4.      Start at the chin, moving the device upwards towards your ear lobes. Move back and forth from chin along the jawline to ear lobes a few times before moving the cleansing brush upwards.

5.      Move the face cleansing device upwards and outwards from your nose to temple. Moving upwards is the best way to reduce the cleansing gel sliding off your face as you cleanse, giving it time to do it’s work.

6.      Cleanse the forehead using zig zag movements with your facial cleansing brush.

7.      I like to focus on my T Zone as I have acne-prone skin and the Lumispa’s movements release dirt and makeup that’s deep in the pores.

8.      Make sure you don’t forget your neck – it is one of the first places to show signs of ageing.

9. Then cleanse the other side of the face using the same technique, moving towards and from the chin. 

9.      After 2 minutes you’re done!

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