Is washing with water less drying than with cleanser?

Is washing with water less drying than with cleanser?

Sometimes I skip cleanser in the morning from laziness and the feeling that water would be just as good if I am not removing make up. 🤷🏻‍♀‍ So I decided to put this to the test! Spoiler: Cleanser is way more hydrating!

According to my skin measuring device, the higher the hydration %, the lower oil %.

So if you have oily skin or acne-prone skin, increasing hydration is super important as it reduces the amount of oil your skin produces to compensate for dehydration! 🤯

I found that using my cleansing device and a cleanser for dry skin, that my skin was not only more hydrated afterwards, but also less oily. What a big discovery! 🤩 I will be more diligent with cleansing in the morning, now that I have seen what benefit it provides.

This is how to get the best results from your face cleansing brush:

1.      Quick rinse: Cleanse the head of the face cleansing brush thoroughly after every use, so that it doesn’t allow yesterday’s grime to get on to your face. Silicone cleansing devices/brushes are much easier to clean and bristle brushes.

2.      Dry it: Wipe your face cleansing brush thoroughly after use (including the brush head). It’s especially important for the cleansing brush head to dry properly so it doesn’t grow bacteria easily. Silicone brush heads are much easier to dry than a brush.

3.      Don’t keep it permanently in the shower: Even though the devices are waterproof, keeping the device in the shower can still cause it to grow mould. This happened to my old face cleansing brush!

4.   Silicon vs bristle cleansing brushes: If you have acne-prone skin or sensitive skin, I would not recommend using a face cleansing brush that has bristles. You can very easily over exfoliate with bristles and theres a big tempation to push the brush on your skin. I over exfoliated my skin using a bristled cleansing brush.

If you use physical sunscreen, you must cleanse your skin thoroughly. Look at the residue that came off on my cleansing device from the physical sunscreen:

Since using the Lumispa, I have seen a great improvement to the smoothness and evenness of my skin tone. I have used it everyday for over 2 years at this point, I can’t see myself not using it.  You can check out my review of Lumispa if you are interested in seeing what I think about it.

You can use this technique for any cleansing brush, it really helps cleanse your skin effectively! It’s helped with my acne-prone skin and hyperpigmentation. 

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