The Skincare Advisor Story

Hello I’m Kelly! Your skincare advisor.

My love of skincare comes from a personal place. My skin was breaking out with pimples and I couldn’t stop them. My confidence had taken a battering and I wasn’t happy in my own skin.

While there are lots of photos of me taken in our early twenties and having a great time, there’s 3 years in my late 20s where very few photos of me exist.

It was on the run-up to my wedding that I began to look for solutions to heal my skin, to get me through the big day. I didn’t need flawless skin, I just didn’t want to feel self-conscious. That’s when my skincare journey began, to seek products that actually work.

I founded Skincare Advisor as I want to actively advocate for my favourite products after buying the products with my own money and using each product myself. I want to share with you my feedback from my extensive research, usage and comparisons. Helping others improve their skin feels incredibly rewarding, as I know how our skin looks can affect us on the inside.

I am an expert in digital businesses, so I know how much information there is out there and how difficult it is to get clear information. Sharing knowledge releases greater power and decision making.

Together, we can get our best skin!

Kelly x