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Nu Skin AgeLOC Galvanic Spa: Review

Nu Skin AgeLOC Galvanic Spa: Review

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Summary: Does the AgeLOC galvanic spa work?

The purchase price is high but you would expect that for a beauty device as it can be used for many years to come. From my experience of it, it is definitely a worthwhile purchase and I haven’t regretted it since buying it. Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt and other celebs swear by this little device as their “red carpet secret”. How that I have used it for a while and I can see why. I was able to see visible results after a single use and after more than a year I am now using this device weekly. It has been so effective for me that I also purchased one for my mum.

I tested the Galvanic Spa on the left side of my face.

Result: Much more lifted, my brow is more arched and my cheek is firmer/higher after just one use.

My skin was visibly more glowy from the hydration of the treatment. Having the machine at home is better value and more convenient than going for a professional facial.

Before I tried it for myself, I was very sceptical about the visible effects that Nu Skin show on their website. I must say, after trying it myself and seeing the difference, I was very impressed.

How it works – MUST KNOWS & BENEFITS

  • You use the Galvanic Spa device with Nu Skin’s own conductive facial gels to conduct the microcurrents.
  • Using galvanic currents, the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa device work like magnets to draw out impurities and push nutrients deeply into the skin. This is a video from Nu Skin about how it works which is fascinating – it’s very different from just applying skincare products on top of the skin. You can also check out this very interesting article on how microcurrent devices work from Lab Muffin.
  • Scientific studies have shown treatments with Galvanic current can enhance the delivery of anti-aging ingredients for up to 24 hours.
  • Evidence has shown that Nu Skin’s Galvanic Spa delivers 5X more nutrition from the skincare’s ingredients to the skin compared to use applying skincare on top of the skin.
  • It doesn’t hurt or sting, you can hardly feel it doing anything. There it a very occasional twinge in areas that doesn’t have enough gel. But otherwise, there’s no sensation at all.

Skin Advisor’s take

What I liked:
  • Visible results! I saw improvements in the tightness and radiance of my skin.
  • Spot treatment conductor to target my pimples – reducing acne inflammation.
  • With COVID, I don’t feel safe going to beauty salons anymore (and a lot have been closed during the pandemic). I feel much safer doing a facial treatment like this at home.
  • Quicker and cheaper than a professional facial. It is an upfront investment, it is cheaper and more convenient to have a facial at home in the long run. BUT it is more expensive than just using skincare…however, I think the results are worth it for me.
  • The convenience of doing it any time I want (and while watching tv) means I am more motivated to do use the Galvanic Spa. As a result, I use it more frequently than I would if I had to book a professional facial (and let’s face it, I can’t afford to go to an aesthetician more than once every few months anyway).
  • Trying it on my mum’s older skin, she showed significant tightening and reduction of wrinkles and bags around the eyes. She was so thrilled with the results and she has super happy that I got one for her birthday.
  • I haven’t found any treatment as effective as Galvanic Spa for defining my jawline and cheekbones. I’ve always thought my cheeks were very chubby and using this has helped me sculpt my cheekbones and reduce water retention in my face.
  • I like the Galvanic Spa can be used for alleviating tension headaches. I have been using it to massage pressure points and the microcurrents and the massage has reduced the severity of headaches without me having to resort to pain killers.
What I disliked:
  • Nu Skin’s conductive facial gels are expensive! They don’t recommend using other products for the gel, such as using other serums as it doesn’t conduct the microcurrents. It would be better if I could use other serums/gels with it or if they have cheaper alternatives. It feels like they make a lot of money from the gels, just like printer companies make their money on the ink and not the printer. 😳
  • Not rechargeable and needs batteries. But I have only needed to change the batteries once in the last +3 months of use.
  • I purchased the 2nd Edition and within 6 months, they brought out the 3rd Edition. This was very annoying for me. It has the same functionally, but the display screen is a lot brighter and clearer.

Nu Skin Facial Spa

US $325.55

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Nu Skin Facial Spa Device

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