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Why did I start using Nu Skin Lumispa?

Main Benefits.

Would I recommend this to a friend?

Nu Skin Lumispa vs Clarisonic: Quick Comparison

  • Both fully waterproof so can be used in the shower without an issue 
  • Neither do not come with a waterproof stand (this is slightly annoying) 
  • Similar battery life in my experience (recharge every 3-4 weeks)
  • Treatment head (part that touches your face):Lumispa: Head made from antimicrobial medical-grade silicone
  • Clarisonic: Brush head is made from “soft, non-porous material”; their website does not specify what this is.

Any additional benefits?

  • Lumispa: Anti-aging as it encourages the skin’s production of collagen and elastin so it prevents wrinkles and skin sagging
Bunny ears are not included!

Why did I start using Nu Skin Lumispa?

I started using the LumiSpa as I had heard about it from friends. I had been using Clarisonic’s facial cleansing device for a few months when I noticed my breakouts were getting worse. I kept getting breakouts recurring on my chin and T Zone and they were becoming more frequent and severe. They were deep in my skin and red, lasting for a long time. It was too painful to even use the Clarisonic on them. 

I began Googling for more info on whether or not other people with acne who were using Clarisonic had a similar experience with Clarisonic. Their experience stood out to me as being very similar to my own.

Everyone’s skin is unique and I have definitely seen people have incredible skin from using the Clarisonic. When I started using it for the first few days, my skin was glowing. After that, the breakouts came but I kept using it as I didn’t really consider it was due to the Clarisonic at first.

It might have been that I wasn’t using it correctly or too frequently, or perhaps not cleaning the brush head enough. Whatever it was, I gave up using it as it was just a bit too much hassle/work.

After extensive research, I found out that my outbreaks were likely to be due to a compromised skin barrier function due to over-exfoliation. Your skin’s barrier is weakened due to the brush head motion and that causes bacteria to get into your skin, causing acne. 

To help with the breakouts, I needed to wait for my skin’s own barrier function to recover. After a few weeks of not using the Clarisonic anymore, my skin became less sensitive and those angry breakouts eased back into my normal occasional pimple. This required a lot of patience as I kept second-guessing my decision but I reminded myself of the reasoning and persevered. 

I needed a solution for cleansing that doesn’t make me break out

I needed to find another option for cleansing my face and removing make up in the shower. I needed to find an alternative to the Clarisonic as I loved the convenience of it.  

At a meet up with a friend, she shared with me that she was using the Nu Skin Lumispa. She told me that it was very easy to clean as the head was a textured silicone pad and not bristles, so it was much more hygienic and easy to clean. 

After some research, I gathered that the Nu Skin Lumispa’s main benefits are: 

  1. Moves at the precise frequency needed to promote visible skin renewal as it encourages the skin’s production of collagen and elastin
  2. Gentle deep-cleansing to clean away makeup, oil and pollutants from your face
  3. Revitalise your skin by removing the dead skin cells to allow new skin to thrive

They had a treatment head that’s specially for acne. I had never used any Nu Skin products before, so thought I would give it a try as I like the fact that it had anti ageing benefits. 

Since I have been using the Lumispa with the special acne/sensitive skin treatment head, my skin has been great! The frequency of my breakouts have reduced and even when I do, the Lumispa’s special head is so gentle that it doesn’t inflame the pimple.  

Best of all, it has built-in pressure sensors, so it vibrates if i’m pressing harder than I should against my face to prevent me from over-exfoliation again! Like an electric toothbrush, it has a two-minute timer that helps you to clean for the optimum time. It was so easy!

My skin is much more smooth and a few friends commented on my clear skin. As my breakouts became less frequent, I felt much more confident about using less makeup which I am sure, in turns reduces breakouts too in a virtuous cycle 

Would I recommend this to a friend?

Yes, unless of course they’ve already bought a machine that is working for them.

Anyone who suffers from acne like me will tell you, most of us have tried a variety of treatments to clear it up. The financial cost of acne treatment to how much acne has “cost” me in confidence is beyond comparison. So while the Lumispa was more expensive than Clarsonic initially, I still think it’s good ‘value’ because I have kept using my Lumispa 8 months on and have no plans to stop. I have thrown away the Clarisonic (but it took me moving house to finally get rid of it). 

Do I wish I didn’t buy both machines and just brought the Lumispa in the first place? Yes of course!
I feel annoyed with myself for having purchased 2 machines. But I hope that you can benefit from my experience and if you suffer from acne like I had, I hope you get to save some money by not having to buy multiple machines to find the best one.